Show your patients their health
is important

Get our educative materials and put them into your waiting rooms to show your patients the importance of prevention.
You can choose from a variety of topics and designs.

And what can you choose from?

All packs include brochures, cards, posters and educational videos.

Cancer prevention

Cardiovascular diseases prevention

Sexual health

Educational brochures

Prevention manual teaches how to perform
a self-examination of breasts and testicles.
It also mentions how to prevent cervical cancer, colon cancer or skin cancer.

Healthy heart manual teaches how to take care of one's heart. Only a few people know how to prevent cardiovascular diseases, how to recognize a heart attack or stroke and what to do in such situations.

Sexual health manual teaches how to take care of reproductive organs and how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, incontinence or erectile dysfunctions..

Educational cards

Sexual health card set will help you teach your patients how to profoundly take care of their genitalia, how to prevent STDs, infertility, incontinence or erectile dysfunctions. They will also provide important information about individual methods of birth control.

Educational posters

Male health



Heart attack

Boobs self-examination

Birth control

How to use a condom the right way

First aid for heart attack
and stroke

Balls self-examination



Female health


Annual check-ups



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