Touch your 
#boobsandballs the right way!

Self-examination of breasts and testicles has saved lives of many young people. Learn how to examine your partner and yourself the right way, and therefore be able to detect any potential problem in early stage. 

About #boobsandballs

The self-examination manual, which you are just reading, was issued within the campaign I touch them every month – #boobsandballs. This campaign educates the public how and why we should do the self-examination of breasts and testicles and therefore detect any issue in early stage. Because not everyone knows we should touch them regularly, at least once a month, and so do the so called self-examination. 

How to do the self-examination the right way?

Examine your boobs

Examine your balls

Thanks to our self-examination campaign more than 90 people have detected cancer in early stage.


How to examine your breasts

Do the examination every month according to our 9 steps.

Do not forget to examine your partner too. 30% of  cancer cases is detected by our beloved ones. Our health is in their hands too!

1. Touch them every month. 

TIP: It is ideal to touch them between the 5th and 10th day since the beginning of your menstruation. If you do not menstruate, you can choose any day of the month. 

2. Look into the mirror.

Do they look the same as last time? 
TIP: Raise your hands above your head and take another look. 

3. Notice

Discharge from your nipples.

Skin changes.

Change of the shape of your nipple.

Changes of the shape of your breast.

Changes in breast size.

4. Touch them.

Use three fingers and go in circular motions. Start on the surface, then go deeper with firmer pressure.

5. Check the whole breasts.

Go from to base of your collar bone to the bottom of the bra. Pay attention to any unevenness on the surface and lumps in depth.

6. Examine with the opposite hand. 

Use your left hand to examine right breast and vice versa.
TIP: If you have bigger breasts, start the examination when sitting/standing, then repeat when lying on your side.

7. Check again! 

After you finish your self-exam, cup your breasts once more and rub them to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

8. If you didn't detect anything, congratulations!

We will see you next month!

9. If you detect something, do not panic and take a look in our What to do, if section.

How to examine your balls

Do the examination every month following our 9 steps.

Do not forget to examine your partner too. 30% of cancer cases is detected by our beloved ones.Our health is in their hands too!

1. Touch them every month.

Choose any day that suits you.

2. Take a look.

Do they look the same as last time?

3. Notice

Change of shape.

Change in size.


Skin changes.

4. Touch them.

TIP: Do it ideally after a warm shower. The palpating will be much easier and more pleasant. 

5. Touch them with both hands, one after the other.

TIP: To examine them properly, keep your thumb in the front while placing your index and middle finger in the back.

6. Palpate from the top and move downwards, then go back upwards from below. Pay attention to any unevenness on the surface and lumps inside. 

Pay attention: Upwards in the back, there is epididymis. If it is the same and even on both sides, it's completely okay and you do not need to worry. 

7. And reward at the end!

Hold your balls in your hand and rub them to make sure you did not skip anything :-). 

8. If you didn't detect anything, we are very happy!

See you next month!

9. If you detect something, do not panic and have a look into What to do, if.

What should I do if I find something?

Do not panic, do not try to find advices on the internet, start acting! 

Immediately visit a doctor. Girls should visit their gynaecologist or GP. Guys should visit an urologist or GP. The doctors will issue a request form for a special screening. 

Note: Girls will make an appointment at an accredited mamocentre recommended by their doctor, or they can find one themselves at

IMPORTANT: When making an appointment with your doctor, do not forget to mention you have found changes in your breasts or testicles. The waiting time will be much shorter! 

Is anything still unclear or do you simply have a question?