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Cancer prevention #boobsandballs

We will teach you how to self-check your boobs and balls and how to detect potential cancer in time. Our special rubber training models will help us with this task and you can experience on your own how it feels to feel cancer. We will also tell you something about cervical cancer, skin cancer or colon cancer and you will learn where and when to go for regular check-ups.

Every student will also receive a printed prevention manual, thanks to which he / she will always have all the information at hand.

First aid #yourheartforlife

You will learn how the heart works and how to take care of it. We will explain how to detect a heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases and how to help people in such situations.

We will also explain why it is important to visit your general practitioner every two years. You will listen to your heartbeat and thanks to augmented reality, you will look inside your body.

Every student will also receive a printed prevention manual, thanks to which he / she will always have all the information at hand.

Sexual health and education #allgooddownthere

You will learn how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and how to detect them in time. We will also tell you something about menstruation, birth control and its use. And last but not least, we will teach you the rules of proper intimate hygiene and tell you where to go for regular check-ups.

Every student will also receive a printed prevention manual, thanks to which he / she will always have all the information at hand.

How does it work? 

You will be trained by medical students and young doctors. They will teach you how to prevent and detect various diseases in time and what to do if you find yourselves in such situations.

Choose training method


We will be happy to discuss the most suitable workshop method for your students.

Workshop - during the lesson, we will discuss the theoretical background of a given topic and later move on to practical demonstrations on our training models. Workshops are recommended for 8th grade students of elementary schools, students of middle schools or grammar schools and college students. The capacity of a workshop is 50 participants. What do we need? A classroom, gym or a lecture hall.

Stand is the best option for college events, Health days or Christmas parties at schools. You can visit the stand in small groups and our lecturers will hand out leaflets and teach you the basic rules of prevention. The capacity is not limited. What do we need? A small table in your lobby, hall or classroom.


Webinars can be attended from the comfort of your own home or classroom by up to 100 students. Students will join the webinar via a unique link and during the webinar, they can ask questions to be answered later. All of our topics can be presented in a form of an online webinar, as this method is becoming more and more popular worldwide.

The main advantage of webinars is the fact that they can be joined from anywhere. They are also easy to organize - all you need is a computer and internet access.

What is the cost of a workshop?

An hour of a workshop costs 4 400 CZK.
If you are interested in a workshop but you lack the funding, contact us.

All costs are used to cover the expenses connected with training - print of educational leaflets, travel expenses, depreciation of training models and production of promotional items  (badges and stickers) which are given to students to remember us.

The prices does not include VAT.

Feedback from schools 

"Students were deeply interested in the workshop. They participated in the discussion and surprised us all with their good knowledge of prevention. Students have expressed interest in other workshops too. The trainers were very friendly and professional. Students were not afraid to ask questions nor ashamed to speak their mind. We would definitely recommend workshop to other schools as well."
Marie Novotná, SŠSOG Hradec Králové
"We have realized workshop #boobsandballs in two classes of third year so far. The whole event was rated very high by both students and teachers. I believe that inclusion of medical students in school education was a great choice, not only are they specialized in the topic, but they also make students feel comfortable and close due to the very small age gap. Thanks to that, students were not afraid to ask open questions and trust the trainers. Thank your for your amazing work!"
Mgr. Kateřina Šmídová, SOU gastronomie

Frequently asked questions

What will students receive at the workshop?
Every pupil/student will receive an educational material, postcard, badge, and sticker. 

Do you also provide pictures from your workshops?
Yes, we do. We can also arrange a professional photographer. 

Will there be enough time for questions?
For sure, both during and after the workshop.

How many students can attend the workshop? 
We organize workshops for the whole class, i.e. maximum of 30 pupils/students. However, it is possible to hold more workshops in a row. 

Do you also offer trainings in English language?                  Yes, we do. And it is for the same price as the Czech version. 

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Adéla Průchová

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