Strenghten your team and its health with interactive trainings by Loono 

Prevention and health matter. At Loono, we believe that even prevention can be fun, even for your colleagues. We don`t use scary statistics to get our point across; rather, we show people how to take proper care of their breasts, testicles, brain, and heart in a fun and light-hearted manner.

What training looks like

At our booth, medical students and young doctors explain how to prevent and detect various diseases at an early stage, and what to do if they or anyone in their surroundings becomes affected. You can choose from our offers, or request a workshop tailored to your individual needs. Corporate proceeds subsequently help us cover the cost of workshops in schools, which usually cannot afford to pay for training themselves.

What topics do we focus on?

of cancer  #boobsandballs

At our #boobsandballs booth, we exemplify the proper technique in doing regular self-examination. We do this by using special rubber models that contain hidden lumps. Every participant can use our models, and thus understand what cancerous lumps look and feel like. We also mention the prevention of skin, colorectal, and cervical cancer. Finally, we remind participants where and when to undergo a regular preventive checkup. 

Prevention of
heart attack and stroke 

At our Your heart for life booth, we explain how the human heart works and how to take care of it. We also explain how to detect a heart attack, stroke, and other conditions, as well as how to help people affected by any of these illnesses. We provide participants with the opportunity to listen to their own hearts, and we also emphasize the necessity of visiting a general practitioner every two years. 

Reproductive health

In the All good down there campaign, we will teach you how to prevent and detect sexually transmitted diseases in time, but also where to go if the situation arises. We will mention the prevention and treatment of infertility, but also the taboo topics such as incontinence or erectile dysfunction. Last but not least, we will remind you of the various methods of contraception and instruct the workshop participants how to use them
in the correct way.

Workshops in numbers


years in


young doctors and medical students 




newly educated individuals


successful self-diagnoses



Our packages

You can choose from a wide range of workshop packages, or you can contact us and request a custom experience.


9 000 CZK / 1 hour

A one hour workshop is a suitable  part of teambuilding events or Health days.


16 000 CZK / 3 hours

Not all employees are able to come by at the same time. Therefore, there is the possibility to come and visit us at the lobby for two hours after the one-hour long workshop.


24 000 CZK / 8 hours

All-day package is mostly recommended for Health Days. Besides our booth in the lobby, we can also provide one hour long workshops throughout the whole day. 


If you didn't find what you were looking for, contact us. We can tailor a workshops according to your needs. 

We also offer workshops in English language for the same price. The prices include training, travel expenses of two trainers, and materials. VAT is not included. 

Your financial means help 2x

First time in our company, second time indirectly while organizing workshops for schools, which usually aren't able to cover the fee themselves. 

Feedback on workshops in companies

„#Boobsandballs workshop is simply amazing. We have offered our employees to attend it during the Week of Health as one of the less known activities in the field of health and the feedback was incredible. The workshop is very practical, entertaining and useful for it is raising awareness about health and prevention. I can highly recommend #boobsandballs to everyone else“
Tereza Mitošinková, Česká spořitelna
We had the opportunity to cooperate with Loono at the "Health Day", where we arranged a self-examination all day booth on #boobsandballs. First reactions were rather shy, but it didn't take long and everyone started to try out self-examination on the rubber models. Both trainers were very friendly and managed to explain everything in a clear, yet professional way. We are looking forward to further cooperation!
Klára Jarošová, AV institut
The Loono seminar was a perfect complement to our activities, which were focused on prevention of cancer diseases. The training was designated for men, who learned how to detect cancer in early stage, concretelly cancer of testicles, breasts, and skin. Our employees have enjoyed the workshop and found it very useful. The whole training was led in a friendly, professional and unique way.
Tereza Karbanová, Veolia

Whom we have already trained

Book a workshop for your colleagues 

Do you like our activites? Would you like to book workshop for your colleagues? Contact us. 

Alexandra Šišková

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Frequently asked questions

What will my collegues receive at the workshop?
Every employee will receive a training manual, postcard, badge, and sticker. Additionally, we will also send a few health advices each month.

Do you provide pictures from workshops? 
Yes, we do. We can also arrange a professional photographer. 

Is there going to be space for questions during the training? Of course, our visitors can ask us any question both during and after the workshop.

What is the most popular workshop combination?
The most popular combination is one hour long workshop with a follow-up training in the form of booth for two or three more hours. 

Do you also offer trainings in English language?                    Yes, we do. With no cost difference so you will pay the same price as for the workshop in Czech language.