Our projects

We educate the public about prevention of oncological and cardiovascular diseases, reproductive and mental health.

Preventivka Mobile App

Become the hero of your own health! Download our new mobile app Preventivka, a practical guide to prevention.

  • Shows and reminder you all the preventive check-ups you should visit regularly.
  • Reminds you of the breast and testicle self-examination every month.
  • Helps you find the right specialist for your health.
  • Offers you evidence-based and understandable information about health and prevention.

Prevention of
oncological diseases 

The campaing I touch them every month focuses on teaching people how to self-examine breasts and testicles to detect any issues at an early stage. 

Official hashtag of this campaign is #boobsandballs.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

The campaign Your heart for life focuses not only on teaching people how to detect cardiovascular diseases at an early stage, but also what to do when they witness someone having a stroke or a heart attack. 

Official hashtag is #yourheartforlife.

Reproductive health

The All Good Down There campaign teaches people how to take care of their reproductive organs and how to prevent unpleasant problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, incontinence or erectile dysfunctions.

Official hashtag is #allgooddownthere.

Mental health

Healthy mind is part of overall health. It needs the same attention as your body. The Feeling good campaign teaches how to take care of your mental health and prevent burnout syndrome, anxiety, stress, eating disorders and more.

Official hashtag is #feelinggood.

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