Our projects

Through our projects we demonstrate that health and prevention matter.

We want even more people to join our movement and prioritize their health. Our goal for next year is to train more than 50,000 people in taking care of their #boobsandballs and heart.

 We organize workshops in schools, companies, and at festivals. 

The official hashtag              of this   campaign is  #boobsandballs.

Prevention of oncological diseases 

The campaing I touch them every month– #boobsandballs focuses on teaching people how to self-examine breasts and testicles the right way and regularly to detect any issues at an early stage. 

Oficial      hashtag is  #yourheartforlife.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

The campaign Your heart for life focuses not only on teaching people how to detect cardiovascular diseases at an early stage, but also what to do when they witness someone having a stroke or a heart attack. 

The truth about...

Within the framework of our project, we also hold educational lectures and panel discussions,  where we focus on disproving various myths about health, prevention, and the human body. Our goal is to clarify the facts and give our audience a space to ask questions and discuss various topics.

 I would like to attend it myself