Become one of our trainers

Join Loono team as a trainer and educate people on how to take care of their health while you're still in school.

Our trainers visit schools, companies, and cultural events and festivals where they educate the public about the prevention of heart attacks and strokes, as well as breast and testicular cancer, mental illnesses and reproductive diseases.

Any medical student between 2nd and 5th year of studies can join us. Our training is a unique experience, and gives participants the opportunity to learn how to communicate with future patients, practice presentation skills, and meet other young and enthusiastic people with similar goals.

Who can become a Loono trainer? 

Any medical student between 2nd and 5th year of studies can become a Loono trainer. Can you find yourself below? Contact us!

  • Medical students (including dental)
  • Nurses-to-be
  • Doctors, dentists, nurses
  • Students of physiotherapy, addictology, nutritional therapy, biomedical engineering and other medical fields 

What to expect

You will regularly visit schools, companies, cultural festivals and events, where you will teach the public about the prevention of heart attacks and strokes, as well as breast and testicular cancer. Furthermore, you will spend your time with other trainers, share experience, teach newbies, and attend various conferences. 

How We Train

We will provide  you with all the necessary techniques and information through educational videos and programs. We don't expect you to come with any prior knowledge--we`ll teach you everything you need to know!

Further support will be provided by our senior trainers.

What you will gain?

New friends
You will meet many young and active people who share similar goals.

Presentation skills 
You will have the opportunity to practice valuable presentation skills.

Communication skills
You will practice patient communication by explaining self-examination and answering questions that may arise.

You will build confidence as an individual and a care provider.  

We believe that patients should not only be treated, but also informed on the long-term prevention of various diseases. 

What do our trainers say? 

Loono has helped me form my vision as a future doctor and my performance skills in front of the public. I have also improved my results at the university, all thanks to the confident address Loono teaches us. But the thing I appreciate the most are all the amazing new friends from various universities and medical fields. I am really looking forward to our future cooperation all over the Czech Republic, and maybe even across the whole world!
Monika, trainer from Prague
Why have I joined Loono? I wanted to meet all the great #loonopeople. Travel across Czechia, improve my address, not only to be closed in the library all the time, but also to do something meaningful - raise awareness about prevention, which I believe in!
Daniel, trainer from Olomouce
Thanks to Loono, I keep improving my performance in front of public, learn to pass my knowledge onto other people clearly and in an entertaining way. Every training helps me surpass myself. And that is awesome!
Tamara, trainer from Prague

Are you in? 

Do you like our activites and want to become part of our team? Contact us!