Lead your pupils and students towards prevention with interactive trainings by Loono 

Prevention and health matter. At Loono, we believe that even prevention can be fun, even for your colleagues. We don`t use scary statistics to get our point across; rather, we show people how to take proper care of their breasts, testicles, brain, and heart in a fun and light-hearted manner.

Our workshop

We will organize an educational workshop where our trainers, medical students, and young doctors explain to your students how to prevent and detect various diseases, and what to do if they or anyone in their surrounding become affected by any of these conditions.

What topics do we focus on?

Prevention of cancer

At our #boobsandballs booth, we teach how to do regular self-examination the right way, and how to eventually detect cancer in early stage. We train our trainees on special rubber models with hidden lumps. Therefore, everyone can try to detect cancer by touch and understand what it actually looks like. We also mention the prevention of skin, colorectal, cervical cancer, and we remind where and when to undergo a regular preventive checkup. 

Prevention of stroke and heart attack

At our Your heart for life booth, we teach how the human heart works and how to take care of it. We explain how to detect heart attack, stroke, and other conditions, and also how to help people affected by them. We also emphasize the necessity of visiting your GP every two years. Furthermore, you can try out what is it like to listen to human heart. 

Workshops by the numbers


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young doctors and medical students 




newly educated individuals


successful self-diagnoses



How much does the training cost?

The cost of a onehour workshop is 1 500 CZK. Some scholarships are available.

The cost of the workshop covers all associated costs, including the printing of educational booklets, travel expenses, educational models, and the production of all promotional materials, including the Loono badges and stickers students receive at the end of the session.

The prices include cost of training, travel expenses of two trainers and all the materials. VAT is not included in the price. 


Are you not able to afford the workshop costs? Contact us. Thanks to our partners, we can provide you with scholarship up to 100% inexceptional cases.

Feedback on our school workshops 

"Students were deeply interested in the workshop. They participated in the discussion and surprised us all with their good knowledge of prevention. Students have expressed interest in other workshops too. The trainers were very friendly and professional. Students were not afraid to ask questions nor ashamed to speak their mind. We would definitely recommend workshop to other schools as well."
Marie Novotná, SŠSOG Hradec Králové
"We have realized workshop #boobsandballs in two classes of third year so far. The whole event was rated very high by both students and teachers. I believe that inclusion of medical students in school education was a great choice, not only are they specialized in the topic, but they also make students feel comfortable and close due to the very small age gap. Thanks to that, students were not afraid to ask open questions and trust the trainers. Thank your for your amazing work!"
Lenka Doležalová, Právní akademie Liberec

Book a workshop for your pupils or students 

Do you like our activites, and therefore would like to order our workshop for your students? Contact us. 

Tatiana Šolaja

Contact for workshops at schools

Frequently asked questions

What will our pupils/students receive at the workshop?
Every pupil/student will receive an educational material, postcard, badge, and sticker. 

Do you also provide pictures from your workshops?
Yes, we do. We can also arrange a professional photographer. 

Is there going to be space for questions during the training?
For sure, both during and after the workshop.

How many pupils/students can attend the workshop? 
We organize workshops for the whole class, i.e. maximum of 30 pupils/students. However, it is possible to hold more workshops in a row. 

Do you also offer trainings in English language?                    Yes, we do. And it is for the same price as the Czech version.