How often?

Once a year.

Do I need a recommendation?

No, you can just go there to make an appointment or call beforehand.

How long will it take?

About 20 minutes.

Will it hurt?


What will happen during the exam?

The doctor will interview you. Tell him if you have skin cancer in your family. Then, he will check your skin and if he finds a potentially dangerous birthmark, he will look at it closely with a dermatoscope. Dermatoscope is a special lens, sometimes connected to a computer in order to take pictures and compare them in time. If the dermatologist finds a dangerous birthmark, he will recommend you to cut this birthmark out. During this mild surgery, the doctor will use a local anesthetics to ease the pain. Afterwards, the cut out birthmark is tested. The doctor will tell you the test results when you come back to remove stitches (you can also call him).

Do I need to pay for the exam?


What is the waiting time for such examination?

2 - 6 months, immediately if you have serious problems.

Where to go?

To your dermatologist or to any dermatology & surgery center.

Do I need to prepare for the exam?


Do I need to call for test results?

Maybe, follow your dermatologist's instructions.

What can I get from the examination?

You will know everything is okay with your skin.

What more can I do?

Use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Also, check your birthmarks regularly, using the ABCDE method.

Our tip:
Add the ABCDE method to your regular self-examination.í.

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