Covid-19: How to act at work

Can't you stay home at the home office or send your employees to it? Follow these rules during a pandemic.

  • Don't underestimate the situation, tell your employees how important it is not to withhold any important information.
  • Keep your work environment clean. Sanitize all surfaces regularly (tables, chairs, computers and phones).
  • Encourage regular hand washing. Keep your soap dispensers full and hang posters with proper hand washing technique next to them.
  • Instruct your employees it is better to cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing with their sleeve or forearm, not their hand.
  • Provide employees with disposable tissues and trash cans with lids to properly dispose used tissues.
  • Follow current recommendations for business trips of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.
  • Advise employees, suppliers and customers that they must stay at home if they experience coronavirus symptoms, mild cough or fever (37,3°C and higher).
  • Allow employees to take sick days and consider switching to home office.
  • Refer your employees to trustworthy sources of information only. For example: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, The National Institute of Public Health or World Health Organization.
  • If you have trouble understanding something or if you are unsure, call your GP or the National Institute of Public Health hotline (phone numbers 724810106 and 725191367). You can also call your Regional Public Health Authority. Some information is also provided by health insurance companies. 
  • Note: Find out about labor law context for employers at The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs or The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Source: the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic & WHO