Boost your event with interactive training

Prevention and health matter. In Loono, we believe prevention can be fun. We do not threaten with scary statistics, on the contrary, we show people how to take care of themselves, their breasts, testicles, brain and heart in the right and entertaining way. 

What does the cooperation look like

Medical students and young doctors will explain your visitors how to prevent and detect various diseases in early stage, and what to do if they or anyone in their surrounding become affected by any of these conditions. Our booth is suitable for musical, cultural, or other festivals, and fashion or design markets. However, we have also held trainings at food markets, sport events, and opening ceremonies.
The conditions are set up individually, plase contact us.

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What topics do we focus on?

Cancer prevention

At our #boobsandballs booth, we exemplify the proper technique in doing regular self-examination. We do this by using special rubber models that contain hidden lumps. Every participant can use our models, and thus understand what cancerous lumps look and feel like. We also mention the prevention of skin, colorectal, and cervical cancer. Finally, we remind participants where and when to undergo a regular preventive checkup. 

Prevention of heart attack
and stroke 

At our Your heart for life booth, we explain how the human heart works and how to take care of it. We also explain how to detect a heart attack, stroke, and other conditions, as well as how to help people affected by any of these illnesses. We provide participants with the opportunity to listen to their own hearts, and we also emphasize the necessity of visiting a general practitioner every two years. 


In the All good down there booth, we will teach you how to prevent and detect sexually transmitted diseases in time, but also where to go if the situation arises. We will mention the prevention and treatment of infertility, but also the taboo topics such as incontinence or erectile dysfunction. Last but not least, we will remind you of the various methods of contraception and instruct the workshop participants how to use them
in the correct way.


At the Feeling good educational booth, we teach how to best take care of your mental health. A healthy mind is an important part of overall health. It needs the same attention as the body. You will learn what the symptoms of mental illness are, how to prevent them, but above all, what to do if the symptoms appear to you or your loved ones.

I want to book a workshop. 

Do you like our activities and would you like us to participate in your event or market? Contact us!

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Frequently asked questions

What do visitors of the booth receive?
Each visitor will receive a training manual, alongside with postcard, badge and sticker. 

Could there be both topics at the booth?
Yes, we mostly prefer to take breasts, testicles, and heart with us. 

Is there going to be space for questions during the training?
Of course, our visitors can ask us any question. 

Do you also offer trainings in English language?
 Yes, we do. And it is for the same price as the Czech version. 

Do you have your own booth/tent? How much space do you need?
It all depends on the organizer's possibilities. We are happy to use your booths, but we can also bring our own 9x3m tent, however, at smaller festivals, we can do with a 3x3m booth or with one or two desks. :-).