Loono mobile app

Each of us can be
a hero of our own health.

Accept our challenge and become one.

Why are we developing the application?

Only every 4th
of Czechs

visits a general practitioner regularly.

26 %
of deaths

can be marked as

Up to 59 %
of Czechs

do not understand health information.

53 %
of Czechs

searches for health information on the Internet.

That is why the application will be created that will help people live longer and better lives.

It will teach them to go for preventive check-ups and take responsibility for their own health.

What will the Loono application
be able to do?

  • It will show you what preventive examinations you should go to.
  • You will find out what awaits you at the check-up and what benefits it has for you.
  • It will remember all the dates of your preventive examinations and remind you of them.
  • It will help you find the right specialist for your health.
  • It will do an audit of your health.
  • It will offer you verified and understandable information about health and prevention.
  • It will teach you that you can do something for your health every day.
  • It will remind you of the breast / testicle self-examination.

Our story

I was 22 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I knew it. Listening to my body saved my life then. Therefore, I decided to save the lives of others who might lose it due to underestimation of symptoms and ignorance. I founded the non-profit Loono, which is dedicated to the prevention of serious diseases. Together, we taught over 100,000 people how to prevent serious illnesses, and 56 of them saved their lives. We have decided to take our mission a big step forward. We are creating a unique application that will teach Czechs to go for preventive check-ups and provide them with comprehensive, verified information that will help them live a healthier and better lives. Because early prevention and diagnosis can save the life of each of us.
MUDr. Kateřina Vacková, Founder of Loono

Future of the mobile application

Health diary for health care

Order to the doctor
and possibility of consultation

A tool used by physicians to care for patients' health

Rewards to users for health care

Health and prevention education from experts

Our mission is supported by

We have been observing the Katka Vacková's team at the PPF Foundation for a long time and we know that they do their job with great personal commitment, focused and responsibly. Therefore, we decided to support them and help with education in the field of cancer prevention. Now, after the covid year, when prevention has unfortunately gone a bit aside, Loono's work is perhaps even more important than before. We hope that our common project will help raise awareness of the importance of prevention and through it we will appeal to everyone to take personal responsibility for their health. At Loono and the PPF Foundation, we believe in prevention.
Jana Sedláčková, Member of the Board of the PPF Foundation

Donate to Loono

Your donation helps us to buy new models, print leaflets and pay our lecturers and administrative workers for their work.



Donate to Loono

Your donation helps us to buy new models, print leaflets and pay our lecturers and administrative workers for their work.